About Us
We have established in year 1979 under the name of BOLSANTUR A.Ş. started to provide service to Bolu in tourism sector as ESKOP Hotel Administration. Along with Köroğlu Hotel (1991) and Thermal Hotel (1993), our establishment continues on its way to be the best in its sector in Bolu through 25 years.

With the theme of “What may I desire if I were the customer?” as our main consideration, we achieved an annual fullness of 64% in our hotels with our happy customers. We desire to be a valuable trademark and intend to make new investments for the coming years.
Although tourism exists for 50 years in Bolu, it could not achieve its real value and position. BOLU is a real tourism and holiday paradise between Ankara and Istanbul, through its uncorrupted green areas, lakes, thermal waters and various activities.

The temperature of the natural thermal water spring is 40 ºC and this is the only thermal water coming out at this temperature in Turkey. Due to its temperature, it does not require a cooling process and therefore can be served for human use without any loss of characteristic.

Bolu Thermal Hotel is a health giving paradise through its air which is full of oxygen and through its vigorous waters.

We are aimed to make new Health Tourism investments for the coming years as BOLSANTUR A.Ş.

Best Regards,

Chairman of the Board of Directors

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