Thermal Baths


Coming from 7 separate springs since AC 5th century, the thermal waters are among the most important features of the Bolu Thermal Hotel. The hotel had restaurated between 1985-87 years according to its original structure and converted into a touristic thermal bath facility through structures extended.

Throughout centuries, Bolu thermal baths have been famous and also indicated in the Evliya Çelebi Book of Travels.

The temperature of our natural spring water is 42-44 ºC and has a pH value of 6.27.

The thermal bath water characteristics are as follows: with bicarbonate (%51,31 milival), with sulphate (%46,66 milival), with calcium (%69,34 milival), with magnesium (%19,18 milival), with carbon dioxide (251,6 mg/l) and with fluoride (1,9 mg/l).

The thermal spring water eligible for bathing and drinking is especially good for rheumatism, skin problems, blood circulation, breathing system, digestion system disorders, gall bladder, kidney, urinary tract, gynecology, bone and arthritis problems, and heart diseases related with the metabolism and eating problems.

The thermal bath waters have a mineral solution value of 1767 mg/l.

Situation of the facility within the Sector:

Among the 1300 thermal spring water facilities in Turkey, our facility is within the first 10 and has the title as the one and only thermal water center.

We serve with our thermal baths, mineral water springs, thermal pool doctor, physiotherapist and nurse.

Bolu Thermal Hotel is at a distance of 5 km to city center, 40 km to Abant, 7 km to Gölcük and 45 km to Yedi Göller Area.

It resides at the feet of the Seben Mountain surrounded by forests and serving to our people for over centuries by healing their illnesses.

Bolu Thermal Hotel - Thermal Baths Bolu Thermal Hotel - Thermal Baths Bolu Thermal Hotel - Thermal Baths Bolu Thermal Hotel - Thermal Baths

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