Thermal Health Club
We have everything in our Thermal Health Club…!

* Swimming Pool
* Jacuzzi
* Sauna
* Steam Room
* Children Pool
* Massage
* Fitness Center
* A rich menu with healthy food

Swimming Pool:

Thermal Health Club opens its door at 10:00 am and it is open until 10:00 pm at night. It is an indispensible ambience to get rid of stress and exhaustion and to start a healthy future.

Thermal Hotel welcomes you by offering a peaceful, healthy and safe half Olympic swimming pool which is far away from external factors.

Water is circulated for 24 hours and it is 28 ºC normal or heated water with the ambient temperature of 30ºC.

All chlorine and pH values are controlled automatically and it is super hygienic.


Meet with the unique regeneration opportunity with the hydrotherapy in Jacuzzi, just beside the thermal pool.

Load the stress and exhaustion onto the bubbles of the water in Jacuzzi and regenerate completely.


Our saunas are arranged for men, women and families.

Steam Room:

Steam rooms vitalize the body and the soul.

Thermal Health Club Thermal Health Club Thermal Health Club Thermal Health Club

Children Pool:

The children pool is just besides the Half Olympic Swimming Pool.


Massage, one of the easiest ways to achieve health or to stay healthy.

They are waiting for to provide massage to our customers with their proficient hands in Bolu Thermal Hotel.

Fitness Center:

Our fitness center provides a joyful and safe ambience for sportive facilities by our academic based trainees.

Vitamin Restaurant / Bar:

Fresh fruit juice, aromatic coffees, healthy food

Thermal Health Club Thermal Health Club Thermal Health Club Thermal Health Club

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